Debut album from Jeppe Zacho 

Zacho has been on the Danish music scene for many years and performs in groups such as Jazz Five, The Counterfictionals, Jack Street, and various Big Bands. 
On his debut album, the experienced musician and composer assembles his dream quintet for the first time to delve into his own compositions. 
12th of January, his debut record, “Introducing Jeppe Zacho,” will be out on April Records.

The album features: 

  • Jeppe Zacho tenor saxophone
  • Jonas Due trumpet and flugelhorn
  • Thomas Bornø piano
  • Anders Fjeldsted double bass
  • Henrik Holst drums
  • Eliel Lazo congas on the tracks “El Bravado” and “Loyal Soldiers”

Forward-thinking and fresh

Described in the liner notes as “modern jazz the old fashioned way”, the record has a tone that is forward-thinking and fresh while retaining the raw energy and live excitement of all the timeless jazz records that jazz fans grew up with.
Through his writing, Zacho showcases the different facets that make up his musical and personal identity: a piece dedicated to a formative teacher, an ode to his beloved, a composition that reflects his love for Cuba and its rich musical culture, and a tribute to a classic Soul/Funk song from 1970 makes up the quintet’s varied repertoire.

Reference by Niels Overgård 

“This is modern jazz in the old-fashioned way, taking us straight back to the vibrant nest where jazz was, and still is, the hottest thing in town. This is a dream come true. The Danish saxophonist Jeppe Zacho has assembled a strong quintet for his debut as a bandleader.

The album is entitled ‘Introducing Jeppe Zacho’ because, while he has been a hard-working saxophonist on the Copenhagen jazz circuit for years, he has never fronted his own project.

He has played with Jazz Five, Jack Street, and The Counterfictionals over the years. When he steps forward and takes the lead, he delves into bop and beyond.

The album opens with ‘Self-Express’. It is a tune inspired by the soulful vibes of ‘Express Yourself’ by Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band. Zacho has chosen an
Ornette Colemanesque approach in his theme, combined with open improvisation.

‘Loyal Soldier’ is inspired by the psychological term of the same name. Jeppe Zacho has applied it to his own musical development, working with technical obstructions to break away from conventional musical habits. It is written in the rarely used scale of F# minor with some complex time signature changes.

‘Rendezvous’ earned its title because it is built on a motif that seeks to meet itself repeatedly.

‘El Bravado’ means ‘The Brave One’. Jeppe Zacho had to stand up for his love for Cuba and has composed a jazz tune that reflects that love. On this track, and on ‘Loyal Soldier’, the outstanding Cuban conguero Eliel Lazo guests on congas.

‘Omnivore’ draws inspiration from animals that inhabit uninhabitable areas, where they must adapt their diet to survive.

‘The Sweet One’ is dedicated to Jeppe Zacho’s beloved, aiming to portray her fantastic aspects in the music.

‘Bülow’s Way’ pays homage to his saxophone teacher, Christina von Bülow, from his time at The Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen. While rock and free jazz were popular at the conservatory during that period, Zacho took a different path. Through this tune, he incorporates melody lines that he was exposed to then and utilizes an approach to saxophone playing that he learned from Christina von Bülow.

Jeppe Zacho selected the trumpeter Jonas Due, known from OTOOTO, for the band due to his soft and lyrical approach to the horn. Although they have played together in big bands, this is their first time in an intimate setting like this, and Due’s compassionate and positive demeanor contributes to the band’s energy.

Zacho has frequently played with bassist Anders Fjeldsted and drummer Henrik Holst Hansen over the years, making them natural choices for this project. Pianist Thomas Bornø, a colleague from Musikhøjskolen, where Zacho works, has been a long-time dream collaborator.

This debut doesn’t sound like a debut. It showcases a seasoned saxophonist and composer who steps up to create the music he loves so much. Listening to his saxophone tone and his band is a sheer joy and pleasure.“

— Niels Overgård,