2004: “Happy Party New Orleans Jazz” Jazz Five (CD, egen udgivelse)

2005: “Here For a Laugh” – The Breakers (CD, Good Guys Recording Company/ A:LARM)

2006: “Love Aka Sugar” – the Magic Bullet Theory (CD, Naz rec.)

2006: “Jump, Jive and Wail” Jazz Five (CD, Calibrated rec.)

2006: “Ultraktement” Ultraktement (CD, RMC rec.)

2008: “Jazz Five Live  ́08” Jazz Five (CD, Calibrated rec.)

2008: “In Every Seaport Town” Southern Gothic Tales (CD, Cope rec.)

2011: “New Orleans Heat” Jazz Five (CD + DVD, Gateway Music)

2012: “Jack Street” Jack Street (CD, Calibrated rec.).

2014 “Belleville Street” Jazz Five (CD, Gateway Music).

2017: “Nordisk BigBand Poesi” the Pagsberg BigBand & the Vocals (

2018: “Live at La Fontaine” Jack Street (

2018: “No Hay Banda” the Counterfictionals (

2019: “A Jungle Story” the Pagsberg BigBand & the Vocals (